Mapping Creation Using a View Based Approach

Mocan, Adrian; Cimpian, Emilia
Mediate 2005

Solving the heterogeneity problems between semantically enriched
data can only be done by having accurate alignments between the underlying ontologies.
To obtain 100% accuracy of these alignments the human user (i.e. the
domain expert) has to be kept in the loop in order to validate the mappings part of
these alignments. Since creating mappings between ontologies in a manual fashion
can be an error prone and time consuming task, our aim is to provide semiautomatic
mechanisms that reduce the human effort to simple validations and

Formal Model for Ontology Mapping Creation

Mocan, Adrian; Cimpian, Emilia; Kerrigan, Mick
ISWC 2006

In a semantic environment data is described by ontologies and heterogeneity problems have to be solved at the ontological level. This means that alignments between ontologies have to be created, most probably during design-time, and used in various run-time processes. Such alignments describe a set of mappings between the source and target ontologies, where the mappings show how instance data from one ontology can be expressed in terms of another ontology. We propose a formal model for mapping creation.

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