X-SOM results for OAEI 2007

Curino, Carlo A.; Orsi, Giorgio; Tanca, Letizia
ISWC Workshop: OM

This paper summarizes the results of the X-SOM tool in the OAEI
2007 campaign. X-SOM is an extensible ontology mapper that combines vari-
ous matching algorithms by means of a feed-forward neural network. X-SOM
exploits logical reasoning and local heuristics to improve the quality of mappings
while guaranteeing their consistency.

Detecting Changes on Unordered XML Documents Using Relational Databases: A Schema-Conscious Approach

Bhowmick, S.S.; Leonardi, E.
Proc. of 14th ACM CIKM, 2005

Several relational approaches have been proposed to detect the changes to XML documents by using relational databases. These approaches store the XML documents in the relational database and issue SQL queries (whenever appropriate) to detect the changes. All of these relational-based approaches use the schema-oblivious XML storage strategy for detecting the changes. However, there is growing evidence that schema-conscious storage approaches perform significantly better than schema-oblivious approaches as far as XML query processing is concerned.

DTD-Diff: A Change Detection Algorithm for DTDs

Leonardi, E; Hoai, TT; Bhowmick, SS; Madria, S
Proc. DASFAA, 2006, LNCS

The DTD of a set of XML documents may change due to
many reasons such as changes to the real world events, changes to the
user's requirements, and mistakes in the initial design. In this paper,
we present a novel algorithm called DTD-Diff to detect the changes
to DTDs that defines the structure of a set of XML documents. Such
change detection tool can be useful in several ways such as maintenance
of XML documents, incremental maintenance of relational schema for
storing XML data, and XML schema integration. We compare DTD-

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