Semi-­Automated Adaptation of Service Interactions

Motahari Nezhad, H.R.; Martens, A. ; Cubera, F.; Casati, F.
Proc. WWW 07

In today's Web, many functionality-wise similar Web services are offered through heterogeneous interfaces (operation
definitions) and business protocols (ordering constraints defined on legal operation invocation sequences). The typical
approach to enable interoperation in such a heterogeneous
setting is through developing adapters. There have been approaches for classifying possible mismatches between service
interfaces and business protocols to facilitate adapter development. However, the hard job is that of identifying, given
two service speci cations, the actual mismatches between

Constructing Extensible Xquery Mappings

Qian, Gang; Dong, Yisheng
Proc. 14th int.Conf. on World Wide Web (Poster)

Constructing and maintaining semantic mappings are necessary but troublesome in data sharing systems. While most current work focuses on seeking automated techniques to solve this problem, this paper proposes a combination model for constructing exten-sible mappings between XML schemas. In our model, complex global mappings are constructed by first defining simple atomic mappings for each target schema element, and then combining them using a few basic operators. At the same time, we provide automated support for constructing such combined mappings.

Learning to Map between Ontologies on the Semantic Web

Doan, AnHai; Madhavan, Jayant; Domingos, Pedro; Halevy, Alon
WWW2002, 2002

Ontologies play a prominent role on the Semantic Web. They make possible the widespread publication of machine understandable data, opening myriad opportunities for automated information processing. However, because of the Semantic Web's distributed nature, data on it will inevitably come from many different ontologies. Information processing across ontologies is not possible without knowing the semantic mappings between their elements. Manually finding such mappings is tedious, error-prone, and clearly not possible at the Web scale.

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